• Subject based knowledge and understanding

When comparing to my previous knowledge on this period, I have acquired comparatively much more than in previous parts of the course. On the other hand, the subject was so vast that I am not sure whether I made progress in the required terms. I do not think it should be lower than a C, maybe a low B.

  • Research and critical evaluation skills

I have tried to consult a wide range of sources. I feel I could understand and analyse better than before and this time it could be a B.

  • Stylistic awareness

I have listened several works more than once, but I still have managed to increase the overall quantity of works and composers. This time it could be at least a B.

  • Communication

I am sure I can say the same things using less words and/or more direct language, but I keep having too many words and needing to leave information out. Sometimes I have problems to express my thoughts or impressions in English. I am aware I may be being too harsh on my English, but I feel less confident with my communication skills and I am lowering my grade to a C.