When I have too many of anything to choose from, I tend to avoid the option. I know I am not alone there, it is one of the characteristics of today’s world: we used to buy the same brand of jogurt and we may still buy the same one, but after taking soooo long to decide. Or we have all the books and music we want in the world, and then we turn into knitting. Or we go running without headphones, just with earplugs—to hear nothing. But before, we used to love reading, and listening to music, and the fact that there was so little of it made us exploit the little we had to the maximum and beyond.

Being of a different nature, the problem is related to that when one needs to choose from a huge selection. It is easy to buy a pair of glasses, but if they tell you (as it happened to me) that you can choose another two pairs for the same price, the time to pick the second and, especially, the third, can turn into an eternity. I even read once that this was a source of stress in shopping for people in certain countries that moved from a limited market to a huge offer (e.g. Eastern Europe).

Now I have to choose a festival of Early Music.  Where should I start? I tried some little search and—the offer is too vast.  While I like listening to some Early Music, I also get tired of it very quickly. I started some videos (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BApdiYbojyw  —rather old instruments for some folk music that sounds to me modern), I listened to half a CD (that was substantially better than the videos), I tried here and there… In the end, I chose a festival I didn’t like, just because I am running out of time and I am getting annoyed by doing a lot and yielding nothing. I am aware this is not about liking or disliking. I just feel I tend to write too critically and I would like to write for the course about something that really meant a positive, constructive, up-lifting before-and-after point.

Back to overchoice: is this a matter of personal approach? Maybe. I may have to change my frame of thinking, from overwhelmed to… [?]

The search continues.