• Subject based knowledge and understanding

I do not know how to evaluate myself in this category this time. The knowledge I have acquired is very restricted to music, and just limitedly to the historical context unrelated to that. I may be failing this time.

  • Research and critical evaluation skills

Despite the amount of energy I put into it, I am not happy with the amount of information I found about publishing, but I certainly tried to analyse and be critical with what I could find in order to yield the best possible result. I would hope to get a D.

  • Stylistic awareness

When it comes to reading, I have not only consulted, but read through more than usual, slowly, taking notes, listening to authors’ recommended works. The reading is better documented than the listening, which, in number of works, has suffered from the repeated listening to many of the listed ones (some listened to 5-6 times all through). If variety is what counts, I may be on a D still thanks to the reading. If depth of listening counts, and the understanding of it, then I would award myself a safe C.

  • Communication

As before, I keep going back to my blog to make sure I have no mistakes and, mainly, to see, with the perspective of time, whether what I mean is clear or not. I fear not being a native speaker and having a different cultural background may prevent me from achieving the top category ever, but I still think I could be awarded a B.